Karen Weintraub
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Topic areas I cover:

  1. -Consumer health

  2. -Biomedicine

  3. -Public health

  4. -Mental health/Neuroscience

  5. -Cancer

  6. -Pediatric medicine

  7. -Immunology

What I teach:

  1. -Harvard Extension School, Freelance Writing,          Profile Writing

  2. -Boston University, Science News Writing

  3. -Brandeis University, Science and Journalism in Society

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A freelance health/science journalist, I write regularly for the Boston Globe, USA Today and BBC online, among others, on topics such as nutrition, cancer, genetics and child development. I also teach journalism at Boston University and the Harvard Extension School, and I have written two books and two e-books with Harvard doctors. Before freelancing, I spent 20 years in daily newspapers, most recently as Deputy Health/Science Editor at the Boston Globe. I was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT in 2008-2009.

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